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We offer R&D, prototyping and batch micro fabrication services in glass, polymers, metals, ceramics and other materials.

Ablation: Surface Modification

Femto-second laser based surface modification of metals, glass and other materials permanently changes surface wetting properties:

  • optical (structural colouring)

  • hydrophobic

  • antibacterial

  • anti-corrosive

  • self-cleaning 

Hierarchical nanogrooves on micro-features replicate a lotus leaf. 

While single or split laser beam surface modification was successful in laboratory, speed was not satisfactory for larger surfaces.

Surface modification technology has potential to reduce costs and enhance product features in the following industries:

  • Marine, oil&gas (anti-fouling) - savings on anti-fouling mean reapplication, fouling removal and fuel costs 

  • Aviation, energy transmission (anti-icing) 

  • Space (self-cleaning, antibacterial, self-lubricating, optical coating alternative)

  • Medical devices and implants (antibacterial)

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