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If you are a supplier or an OEM manufacturer of electronics, we may offer you a range of femto-second pulse laser based advantages

Traceability and Markings

Our micro-QR code on metal or on/inside sapphire is your perfect tool for the following two purposes:

A. Supply chain traceability for identification of parts and whole watches from assembly to guarantee service after sales.

B. For customer engagement, when via commonly accepted QR code you can enable systems for customer engagement and secure sales via e-commerce channels.

We have a solution Value signature ®  designed especially for this purpose.

Our micro QR can be used with legacy ERP and data systems, whereas combined with certified and secure blockchain API, it delivers an all round solution. 

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We have developed a technology for additive manufacturing of ceramic micro parts. Free form crystal (cristobalite) and ceramics allow complex shapes and have excellent friction characteristics. We have a patent pending for watch bearings involving ceramic manufacturing.

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We have developed a technology for sapphire processing, allowing us to put permanent inscriptions (words, letters, QR codes, etc.) into sapphire, from clearly visible and scannable to practically invisible.

Possible to combine with our traceability solution.

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